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Engraved Cross Pens

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Engraved Cross Pens

A.T Cross is one of the world's most well known stationary brands. We have hand picked a selection of their luxury pens and gift sets, all stocked at our Nottinghamshire based workshop. Cross products make up a large proportion of our in-house stock of luxury engraved pens. Each of the Cross pens and gift sets we stock is available with and without personalisation.

Personalised Cross Pens as Gifts

Giving your loved one a personalised gift shows you have put that extra bit of thought into it. Whether it's for mum’s Sunday morning crossword or for the colleague who's always without a pen, what better gift than a laser engraved cross pen. A pen is a functional and thoughtful gift that they may not be expecting but will certainly appreciate. 

Engraved Cross Ballpoint Pens

Ballpoint pens are the most commonly used pens, offering a long ink life, no leaking or smudging they are ideal for daily use. We have selected a fabulous range of Cross ballpoint pens. Our Cross Calais Ball Pen is an excellent choice, this large girth pen comes in a polished chrome with a number of fine detailed finishes. If the full chrome finish is not for you we also stock our Cross Calais with added colour black and blue finish. Another excellent ballpoint range from Cross are their Cross Bailey pens which feature intricate engraved detail and twist mechanism. We have the Cross Bailey available as a black ballpoint and as a chrome and gold bailey medalist pen. Both are high quality pens with excellent details. If you are looking for something a little bit more luxurious we have a beautiful Cross Century ballpoint in black with gold accents. This sleek design is truly a little piece of luxury with a modern black design, smooth finish and an elegant lightweight finish.

Engraved Cross Fountain Pens

A fountain pen is a symbol of class and sophistication. The timeless scratching of a fountain pen is one many enjoy, there's often a great deal of satisfaction that comes with the feeling of writing with a fountain pen. Cross have developed a range of modern fountain pens which make the ideal gift for your loved ones. With several coloured casings and designs available we believe there is one for everyone. Our signature Cross Bailey Medalist collection is ideal for anyone who appreciates fine stationery with 4 different fountain pens available. We stock Cross Bailey Medalist fountain pens in black, blue and red each finished off with elegant silver accents and engraved details. We also have a chrome finished Cross Bailey Medalist which comes with gold finishing details. One of our favourite collections is Cross ATX fountain pens. The ATX pens are a streamlined modern designed fountain pen with an engraved diamond finish. These luxury fountain pens come in a brushed finish and are available in titanium grey, metallic chrome and metallic black.

A History of A.T. Cross

Cross is one of the longest running stationary companies in the world with over 175 years in business. Established by Richard Cross in 1846 A.T. Cross was America’s first manufacturer of fine writing instruments. In the early years Richard Cross specialised in crafting writing pencil casings in gold and silver. Richard’s son Alonzo Townsend Cross shared his father’s passion for innovation and revolutionised the writing industry. In 1879 Alonzo Cross invented the first propel-repel mechanical pencil. 

In 1916 Alonzo Cross sold the company to his top salesman Walter Boss, the business was kept in the Boss family with some of his descendants still remaining as key figures today. During WW1 Cross, like many other businesses, began to make parts for the army. Following the war the demand for writing instruments rapidly increased and Boss’s sons and Grandsons. In the 1930’s Cross manufactured their first mass produced fountain pen. They waited until 1953 to release a ballpoint pen wanting to perfect the design and manufacturing process, unlike several other companies who released poor quality ballpoints in the 1940s. 

Nowadays Cross embraces the modern world and the digital age. They have developed a range of hybrid styluses. As well as embracing the digital age they have continued to develop and perfect their classic ranges. With customers in over 140 countries Cross truly are a global leader in fine writing.