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Personalised Jigsaws

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Personalised Jigsaws

Give your loved ones a unique gift to celebrate special moments with our range of personalised jigsaws. Our 30 pieces hardboard jigsaws feature a range of unique designs allowing you to create special personalised gifts.

Creative way to ask big questions

Jigsaws are a fun and creative way to keep your loved ones guessing. Our ‘will you marry me’ jigsaw is a fun personalised gift asking a BIG question. Our partner will be thrilled as they start to put the words together and realise what you are asking. Keeping on the theme of getting married we also have a ‘be my bridesmaid’ jigsaw which would be a fantastic addition to a girly games night with a special twist.

Photo Upload Jigsaws

Celebrate special moments by creating a truly one of a kind jigsaw featuring some of your best memories. Our 6 photo collage jigsaw is a delightful way to encapsulate the best times with your loved ones. How about a unique gift for a proud dog parent. Give them an adorable jigsaw with their furry friend as the shining star. Our dog bone photo jigsaw features a one shape allowing you to add in the beloved pets name over their favourite photo.