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18th Birthday Gifts

An 18th Birthday is a landmark age in many cultures, in the UK and many other countries, the 18th birthday marks the day that a young person officially becomes an adult. It is also on this day that these new adults can legally drink, vote, enlist, and get a bank loan. The age of 18, also known as the ‘age of majority’ is the day that a person is expected to become an adult and to conduct themselves as such – although we all know that this is very rarely the case!

We know the importance of birthday celebrations, and of celebrating this particular landmark in style, from personalised jewellery and watches that can be treasured throughout their adult lives, to engraved pint glasses they can use in their celebrations. Whether they’re having a small get together at home, or taking their ID out for a spin, we have the perfect gift to upgrade the party. We are also pleased to introduce our new range of personalised shot glasses, which, alongside our champagne flutes, cocktail glasses, and wine glasses, can help take any alcoholic affair up a notch. For the non-alcoholic birthday bash, why not tuck in to one of our delectable decadent sweet trees, or surprise them with one of our giant cookies?