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We are busy adding stacks of 21st Birthday gift ideas. Of course there is the obligatory personalised alcohol range (a personal favourite for me as I am required to test all the featured products as part of my job.)  Currently we have 21st birthday wine, champagne and we are also stocking up on the associated drinkware. If you think back though (quite a long way back for some of us!) you'll probably not think of your 21st Birthday as the first time you could legally drink and generally do more stuff. In fact if your in the UK, you've probably perfected this skill several years previously!  Alcohol is always a popular purchase, but we are also developing some unique 21st birthday ideas for her that are premium in design such as jewellery, engraved gifts and surprisingly heavy sweetie trees! Personalised chocolate and posh sweeties are always a winner but we are also adding some personalised gifts that will hopefully last forever and can be fondly looked back at in years to come. There can't be much better than turning 21 with all your life ahead of you. For many of us though, being 21, wasn't an age where all of a sudden you can do more. It was the age when you are old enough to know better but still young enough to not care!