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Giving a personalised teapot as a gift is a great way to convey messages like ‘Happy Birthday’, welcome someone to their new home, or even to just make a funny and amusing present that’s just for laughs. Our teapots are all premium quality and crafted from bone china from the UK based manufacturer that designed ceramic gifts for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. We feature traditional teapots favoured by tea drinkers and have some modern and contemporary designs that younger people may appreciate. Choose your style and personalise your teapot with a name or a short message. 

Teapot gifts for husbands

If you are looking for an original birthday or Christmas gift for your husband then why not get him his own personalised teapot? Our Fine Bone China Teapot is designed in a classic style from the finest quality bone china. The front can be completely personalised with a digital transfer that includes his name and your own special message. For a more modern design, this large round Tea Stain Pot Belly Teapot can hold enough for 6 cups and features a tea stain motif with a tea drinker’s message printed inside the circular logo. Personalise it by adding his name for a special touch. The Tea Makes Everything Better comes with a simple black and white contemporary design which can be personalised to include your husband’s name, year, and a brief message.

Teapots for significant anniversaries

Couples that have been married a while can celebrate their years together with our range of teapots featuring Ruby and Emerald anniversaries. Each one comes with a short message and a splash of colour, and maybe personalised with names and a date. Surprise your husband with a personalised 20th Anniversary Teapot available in different styles, or if you are celebrating longer together we have a 60th Anniversary Teapot that will be perfect.  If you are on the other end of the scale and have been recently married then try this Just Married Pot Belly Teapot featuring a black and white lace heart logo. It holds 6 cups of tea and is perfect for sharing a beverage with your new husband. 

Just for fun teapots

If you need a fun present for your husband then we have a number of teapots that feature novelty designs and humorous slogans. For a simple design, this Tea is My Happy Place Teapot will be just the thing with its happy smiling emoji-type face. For present that’s cute and sentimental give him our Peas in a Pod Teapot with its bright green design and add your names to the front. Other funny fruit and vegetable style logos are available like our Let’s Avocuddle, and One in a Melon teapot. Each one features a modern 6 cup potbelly design and can be further personalised with a name.

One-person teapots

For a special teapot that’s made just for him, we feature a range of one person teapots. These multi-functional drinking accessories include a small teapot, a cup, and a saucer all in one. For a gift that’s bound to get his attention give him our I Wanna Get Steamy With You Teapot, print his name on the mug for a personal touch. Or for a warm and heartfelt gift this Be YOU tifu Teapot should get the message across nicely with his name printed on the teapot section. Keep it cute and simple with our Hello, Is It Tea You’re Looking For? one person teapot or tell him in no uncertain terms that You’re My Cup of Tea with names and logos printed on the front and reverse of the teapot and matching mug.