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Our Personalised Teapots

Premium quality personalised teapots made from bone china. We supply the traditional '4 cup' personalised teapot with ornate handle and also the larger pot belly '6 cup' teapot with rounded handle.These are normally a traditional designed product but we've also included some modern designs as well. There is also the 'tea for one' teapot that is quite a nice little teapot which while it will only hold one cup of tea, it is a clever design whereby the teapot sits inside the cup and the cup and teapot is combined into one handy product. These personalised gift teapots make for brilliant birthday gift for tea lovers. All of these personalised teapots are manufactured in Derbyshire by one of the UK's leading ceramic manufacturers. In fact it's the same factory that produced many of the ceramic gifts for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.