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If someone feels turning 30 means they are getting on a bit, we have stacks of 30th birthday ideas to cheer them up. Just remind them that turning 30 only means they are eleven thousand one-hundred and seventy-five days old! (Hopefully this might help!) Besides, many people simply view turning 30, exactly the same as they would turning 18. It is exactly the same in a way, you've simply got 12 years of experience! Don't worry too much though, it's often said that the first 30 years of childhood are always the hardest! Anybody approaching this landmark age might feel some slight differences from being in their 20's. Firstly, you need to remember that after your 30th birthday, you are officially closer to 40 than you are to 20! Also, when you were in your 20's your hangover recovery rate was literally minutes, now as you pass your 30th year, a night out drinking requires more recovery time than minor surgery! To help your friend or loved one cope with the 'flirty thirties,' we are constantly adding to our personalised 30th birthday gifts. The 30th birthday gift ideas for her include champagne flutes, personalised wine with their age on and some very nice engraved jewellery gifts. Our 30th birthday gifts for him includes personalised BBQ aprons, engraved pint glasses and monster size beer bottles to help him drown his sorrows! If you are buying a 30th birthday gift for your wife, remember to spoil her a little. (Our personalised chocolate trees are always a winner) Also, remember that from now on, if she gets pregnant, people will assume you did it on purpose!