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To make it through six decades of life truly is a great reason to throw a party! It is said that a man of sixty has spent twenty years in bed and over three years eating! Some women will undoubtedly agree with this. Although it's also said that at 60 it is scientifically proven that you tend to argue less with your partner. It's not so much that you are nicer, it's just that you can't hear each other like you once could! We've put together a beautiful range of unique 60th Birthday Gifts. Personalised wine including the recipient's name and birthday age are particularly popular. Also, our premium range of quality engraved gifts such as our champagne flutes and engraved chrome pen cases are very popular. We've also recently included some personalised flasks, available in leather and even tartan! Also, don't forget we do a great range of personalised birthday cards and photo upload cards which will be perfect for a 60th Birthday celebration. Blow up some balloons, buy a cake and send them a personalised gift. Make a special fuss of the person that has made it to this fantastic milestone!