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Single Sided Photo Cushions

Best Selling Single Sided Photo Cushions

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Single Sided Photo Cushions

We are one of the leading suppliers of personalised photo cushions in the UK. We’re very proud of our personalised photo cushions, they are an absolute best seller and it’s easy to see why. Each personalised photo upload cushion is handmade in the UK by highly experiences seamstresses, ensuring a quality durable product that will last for many years. There are four sizes of photo cushion to choose from; the smaller size 12x12” is great value for those on a budget. The most popular size is the 18x18", a versatile medium sized cushion. Lastly, the larger 22x22" and 24x24” sizes are fantastic for making your high resolution photos really stand out from the crowd. Once you’ve chosen the size of the cushion, you also have the option of choosing from either a white back or stone colour back. One of the main benefits of photo cushions is the large print area, making them ideal to display those perfectly captured photos in all their splendour. Add to that, they simply look great in the home whether it be on sofas or beds. There’s just so much versatility to photo cushions, it cannot be understated. If you’re looking for personalised, handmade single sided photo cushions, there really is no better place to be. With prices starting at just £8.99, there’s the perfect photo cushion to suit any budget.